Sunday, April 15, 2007


  • Cook a pound or more of bacon at a time. I make mine in a sauce pan or larger. Cut the bacon into thirds. Package it in baggies or storage containers. Great for use on sandwiches, with breakfast, or a snack. Or crumble and freeze for other recipes and salads or just simply pack away for later use.
  • When chopping onion - chop the entire onion, even when the recipe only calls for a small portion of it. Freeze the rest. Great for omlets, chilies, stuffing, or other recipes.
  • Chop celery as soon as you buy it. Reserve the inside stalks and tops - chop and freeze for other recipes later. Cut the remaining stalks into pieces a few inches long. Use for snacks, or chop as needed later for recipes.
  • Chop leftover ham and freeze. Great for omlets or fritatas.
  • Make a whole box/bag of rice at one time. Freeze in portions for use later.

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